Steps to Gather In Your Harvest

The Lord has been revealing that the harvest is ready. The laborers must come in to gather them. This requires organisation. Start with a reminiscence of how many crops you planted and the varieties you grew this year. You also need to check the fields for maturity and ensure that damaged crops are not harvested.

Step 1: Go right to the field

Don’t look elsewhere except the field which is ripe. If someone tells you there is another field where the crop is mature, be sure that there may not be the harvest that you expect. Also if the harvester gets distracted before starting the task on hand, he or she may never be able to perform the function of harvesting.

How does this spiritual truth apply to us?

If God has asked you to do a certain thing, and you feel now that you are ready to go to the market, don’t be distracted by middlemen. They make false promises, and false hopes will only delay you from doing the thing you are anointed to do at the moment. These distractors will detract you from your goal and keep you waiting when you should actually be harvesting. It is also possible that these distractors are on a mission from the devil to delay and dishearten you before stepping into the field of God’s choice for harvesting.

Step 2: Get your tools ready

The laborers must come in with a sickle and a basket to gather. If you miss your sickle, you will fail to gather. Our sickle is the Word of God. This is the sword of the spirit by which we can fight the enemies when the laborer goes to harvest. There has to be opposition of some kind because the devil will try to stop you in different ways and with different schemes.

Step 3: Be grounded in wisdom and understanding

If there is a task that needs to be done, it must be done with wisdom. There is a Kingdom mindset or know-how that comes from scripture that enables the work to be done correctly. The mind of Christ helps you do things in such as way that the Lord will be blessed. Being grounded in wisdom reduces errors and heartbreaks and helps us bring in the maximum harvest for our work.

Step 4: Gather it in

No matter what, keep your eyes fixed on the Lord of the harvest. When the harvest is complete, do not think this is your work and take pride in it. Accept it for the gift that it is, for He has been working hard on it. So give Him the glory! He is the Lord and He will be the Lord forever and ever. He is glorious in everything. Shout praise as you bring in the harvest! Hallellujah!!!

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