Steps to Gather In Your Harvest

The Lord has been revealing that the harvest is ready. The laborers must come in to gather them. This requires organisation. Start with a reminiscence of how many crops you planted and the varieties you grew this year. You also need to check the fields for maturity and ensure that damaged crops are not harvested.

Step 1: Go right to the field

Don’t look elsewhere except the field which is ripe. If someone tells you there is another field where the crop is mature, be sure that there may not be the harvest that you expect. Also if the harvester gets distracted before starting the task on hand, he or she may never be able to perform the function of harvesting.

How does this spiritual truth apply to us?

If God has asked you to do a certain thing, and you feel now that you are ready to go to the market, don’t be distracted by middlemen. They make false promises, and false hopes will only delay you from doing the thing you are anointed to do at the moment. These distractors will detract you from your goal and keep you waiting when you should actually be harvesting. It is also possible that these distractors are on a mission from the devil to delay and dishearten you before stepping into the field of God’s choice for harvesting.

Step 2: Get your tools ready

The laborers must come in with a sickle and a basket to gather. If you miss your sickle, you will fail to gather. Our sickle is the Word of God. This is the sword of the spirit by which we can fight the enemies when the laborer goes to harvest. There has to be opposition of some kind because the devil will try to stop you in different ways and with different schemes.

Step 3: Be grounded in wisdom and understanding

If there is a task that needs to be done, it must be done with wisdom. There is a Kingdom mindset or know-how that comes from scripture that enables the work to be done correctly. The mind of Christ helps you do things in such as way that the Lord will be blessed. Being grounded in wisdom reduces errors and heartbreaks and helps us bring in the maximum harvest for our work.

Step 4: Gather it in

No matter what, keep your eyes fixed on the Lord of the harvest. When the harvest is complete, do not think this is your work and take pride in it. Accept it for the gift that it is, for He has been working hard on it. So give Him the glory! He is the Lord and He will be the Lord forever and ever. He is glorious in everything. Shout praise as you bring in the harvest! Hallellujah!!!

6 Challenges an Estore Owner Faces and How to Overcome Them

The Internet is one of the revolutionary innovations of the twentieth century. It connects people from across the globe. A place where we can get almost anything. And to businesses, it gives new dimensions by letting them add new avenues and explore their industry further.

Yes, you heard it right. Today people are not using it just to connect with each other but millions of businesses have come online as well. Big e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal paves the way for small and medium-sized enterprises to come online and connect, serve customers from across the globe.

And looking at the constant market growth of eCommerce solutions, today, thousands of businesses are online connecting with their customers. An eCommerce market is a proof that online is the place to be if you want to make your business global.

But, a lot of heart and sweat goes in running an online estore. If you are a business owner, thinking to set up your online store but stopping because of the challenges or don’t have a clear idea of the challenges you might face and how to overcome them, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive deep into the challenges you might face while setting up your estore online and how you can overcome them.

1) Developing an Online estore:

This is the first step to take your business online. You can hire an experienced IT company that provides ecommerce development solutions and understands your needs and business requirements clearly. They will help you with developing and setting up your online store. Not only that but slowly as your company grows they will also add new features according to your business’s requirements.

A good ecommerce solution provider will make sure your online store is easy to navigate, has a good UI/UX, and that the theme of the website matches your company’s logo, mission, and vision.

2) Managing your Online Presence:

Your technical partner’s work does not end by just developing your website. You can choose to opt for their extra services like digital marketing to reach the right audience or you can choose to do it yourself as well. The aim is to promote your brand and products online via SEO, PPC, content marketing, or many different techniques. This will help you have a good online presence on different platforms, increase traffic on your website thereby increasing your revenue. All these strategies will eventually help you in growing your business, taking your business global, and getting more customers.

3) Getting and Retaining Customers:

This is one of the major challenges that most companies face. With the ever-growing ecommerce market, you need to provide value for your customers’ money to stay ahead of the competition.

As customers are the king of any business, good service is the key to get and retain the customers. Look at the products and services provided by your competitors and learn from them as to what other things you provide your customers. Providing valued service will slowly but surely help you to grow your business. Ask your customers to share their feedback once they make a purchase with you.

Feedback plays a vital role in any online business. Most customers check reviews before making a purchase. So, this can definitely be one of the ways to get new customers.

4) Reaching to Customers:

As a business owner, you need to understand the ways of reaching out to your customers and vice versa. Create a unified platform for them to reach out to you hassle-free. Or you can branch out and create social media accounts, online customer support, toll-free numbers, customer portals, etc.

If your customers face any issues with your product or service and if you are just a few clicks away resolving their issues, then this will help your reputation as a brand. Nowadays, customers are writing their issues on social media platforms as well. So, your support staff needs to be active on these platforms to answer their queries as and when they occur.

5) Cart Abandonment:

Most of the estore owners have this problem. If the customers don’t find the checkout process to be easy then there are chances they will abandon the cart. With the help of your technical partner or ecommerce web development company make sure to develop the checkout process as simple as possible. Make sure it has features like multiple online payment methods, auto-fill address, etc. so it becomes easy for you to deliver products and make your customers happy.

6) Data Security:

This one is a big challenge with the continuous rise in online data theft but you need to attend to it sincerely. As an online estore owner, you will have sensitive data of your customers like name, address, card details, mobile numbers, etc. So, maintaining and keeping them secure is your responsibility. Make sure that your technology partner is using the updated algorithms to keep the data secure.

Final words:

Taking your business online and maintaining it can be a difficult task but once you understand the way the internet works, running an online business becomes easy. Ecommerce platforms can help you reach a larger audience, grow, and leave a mark in the world.

7 Essential Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

Like any other part of the body, you need to remember that even your hair needs to get the type of nourishment that it deserves to grow long and strong. When hair is healthy and nourished, it will be able to grow, but when hair is undernourished, it will be prone to breakage and hair loss can become quite the problem, if not handled well within time. However, there are certain food categories that are like a potent serum for your hair and can stop hair loss, or at the least reduce the same, easily.Here are the 7 essential foods that can help prevent hair loss:

PROTEIN – Your hair is basically made up of protein and when there is less protein in your diet, your hair is bound to take the brunt of it. Now, you might think that you have protein in your diet, but what you would not know is that the rest of the body takes up the protein, and only the last of it, reaches the hair. So, you need to have some extra protein in your diet to ensure that enough reaches your hair too. It’s easy to find foods that are high in protein levels and should you include them in your regular diet, you should notice a significant decline in hair fall. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat chicken, turkey and egg yolks; and the vegetarian options include kale, peanuts, Greek yoghurt, beans, lentils and tofu.
IRON – If you want healthy hair, you need proper blood circulation and for proper blood circulation, you need to have enough iron in your diet, because iron helps with the proper delivery of blood as well as oxygen to various parts of the body, including your scalp. Studies have shown that when anaemia related iron deficiency occurs in the body, there is hair loss too and the treatment for the condition can improve hair health as well. The easiest way to increase iron in your diet is my adding all kinds of dark leafy green vegetables, beans and whole grains. You can also include red meat, egg yolks, clams, mussels and oysters too.
SELENIUM -Selenium is a trace element that is found in the body and helps make seleno-proteins, which are needed for immunity, metabolism and also encourage the growth is new hair, through the stimulation of new hair follicles. If there is not enough selenium in your body, the existing selenium will be used and that will lead to abnormalities in the hair follicles, leading to breakage. Before you rush into your nearest hair restoration clinic in Delhi, you might want to try out foods that have high selenium content such as shrimp, sardines, fish like tuna and halibut, ham and brazil nuts.
ZINC – While zinc can boost the growth and repair of tissues, it is also important for scalp and hair health, because it can maintain the production of the oil secreting glands that are present on the scalp. In order to get enough amounts of zinc in your regular diet, simply include wheatgerm, chickpeas and if you are a non-vegetarian, then oysters, beef and veal liver.
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS-This is a crucial factor for not just great skin, but also really good hair. Omega 3 fatty acids, once they reach the scalp, will penetrate the hair shaft and cell membranes and ensure proper hair growth. They also increase the elasticity of the hair, which also reduces the chances of breakage. However, the problem with Omega 3 fatty acids is that the body can’t produce it on its own, which is why you need to eat foods that are rich in them – salmon, tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds, kale and Brussel sprouts are all great sources.
VITAMINS – Vitamins are essential for hair growth, particularly A and C, because these contribute to the production of sebum, which is the oily substance present in your hair follicles. Sebum is not only the natural conditioner of the body, it is also what helps prevent breakage. Vitamin C increases iron in the body and that leads to better oxygenation for the hair follicles. Just add some Swiss chard, spinach or broccoli to your salad or make some sweet potato fries or pumpkin soup to get enough vitamin A and C in your diet.
MAGNESIUM -Although it is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, it is also needed for a huge number of reactions in the body, including hair growth. This is why, many a times, the amount of magnesium in the body is not enough and the deficiency could easily lead to hair loss. However, there are plenty of foods that are rich in magnesium and might be present in your kitchen right now – cashew nuts, almonds, brown rice, lentils and also halibut.

Think Before Spreading Rumours About Corona Virus In UAE

Originated in a small city Wuhan of China, Coronavirus has now caused serious perturbation globally. On 30 January 2020, the Director-General of World Health Organization confirmed the out-break of significantly dangerous a virus chemically known as nCoV or as recently referred to as Covid-19 aka Coronavirus and such outbreak led to Public Health Emergency on an international level.

On the basis of the International Health Regulations, all signatory countries are responsible for co-operating and supporting each other by share legit information regarding the virus. Although, there are reports of recovery from this virus, it is essential to protect oneself as it can be potentially fatal to your health.

The Wuhan-nCov is a sort of coronavirus which is a particular kind of viral contamination normally causes sicknesses in mammals or birds. Coronavirus in creatures influences an assortment of species, including bats, snakes, steers, camels and cats, sometimes. Nevertheless, when the infection transforms it can and infects people as well. Coronavirus diseases normally lead to respiratory contaminations, which can demonstrate conceivably lethal.

The 2019 Wuhan coronavirus is infectious. It spreads through human transmission and represents a potential general wellbeing hazard in nations where the malady has been recognized. While coronavirus transmission relies upon various elements, including infection transformation and the individuals immunity, it can demonstrate terminal. The infection, when contracted, can cause genuine lower respiratory tract sickness, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Based on reports all around the world, it is established that detecting the virus in any humans body from its symptoms is difficult as the symptoms are closely similar to a normal cold and flu. Similar symptoms are cough, fever, sore throat, headaches and body pain or in some cases respiratory issues and diarrhoea.

Virus Out-Break in UAE

It was later confirmed by the UAE Government, the out-break of Coronavirus in the world and governments constant efforts to liaise with the Chinese government to prevent further unfurl of this virus. In the presence of this rampant virus, the government of UAE and UAEs Health Authority has used several precautionary measures to deal with the virus as follows:

Spreading awareness on the air gateways especially from flights coming from China

Preventing patients suffering from Coronavirus to leave hospital premises at any given point in time, this is strictly directed by the Ministry of Health and Health Authority of each respective Emirate.

Screening of all individuals coming from other countries to Dubai or Abu Dhabi airport and especially for individuals coming from China.

Undertaking potential test and treatment protocols to comprehend potential risks of Corona Virus and providing immediate treatment for patients suffering from the same.

Flights to and from China or Beijing has been suspended until the end of March 2020.

To instruct all hospitals to take Coronavirus patients as emergency cases and to treat them free of cost, in case they dont have health insurances.

It is has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health that around 8 cases have been registered of Coronavirus and the number might change when you get to read this article. The afore-mentioned precautions are approved by the World Health Organization to prevent further spreading of this disease.

Spreading Rumors

Whilst the government is supporting the patients suffering from the virus and preventing further turmoil, it is ordered by the government to all the individuals residing within the country to spread fake rumours about coronavirus. Wherein, rumours include providing misleading information or circulating unverified information.

Importantly pursuant to the Cybercrime Law (Federal Law Number 5 of 2012) any rumour, fake information or misleading videos spread by any resident of UAE shall face legal consequences in the country. It is very pertinent to not have a laid back approach on this topic, although it is not an epidemic, yet it is necessary to avoid this disease and act accordingly.

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